14 days challenge that makes You a model

Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks that many of us can face, especially if you are a woman. But it is even more difficult when we want to do it in a short time. What makes it much more difficult is the sedentary life we lead.

However, the fact that it is difficult does not mean that it is impossible. We want to present you with a recipe that will make you burn fat like crazy. When you start this diet you will notice great changes almost immediately.

It is well known by all that lemon is a fruit that helps us eliminate toxins from the body. But besides that, it can help us lose weight quickly and without much effort. Today we will show you a lemon-based diet that lasts only 14 days.

At the end of this process, you will notice that you have lost weight without risking your health. This method to lose weight and transform into a new woman is becoming increasingly popular. Do not be the only one who stays without trying it. According to the testimony of many, it is possible to lose more than 9 kilos in just 2 weeks.

The best thing about following this diet is that with it we will avoid the rebound effect. In other words, once we lose weight, we will not gain weight unless we work for it. That’s why more and more women are testing it and being surprised with the results. Then, we leave you all the details about this incredible and effective lemon diet.

The first thing you should know before starting this diet is that you should consume it fasting, although in different amounts. With that in mind, we can proceed to explain the whole process of this diet. This is what you will have to do every day:

Lemon juice diet to lose weight
Day 1: juice of a lemon diluted in 1 cup of fresh water.